Friday, March 16, 2007

What would be the prize

If we were to declare a duel
to settle a difference in affection
a leap out of clear communication
to a gap in clarity

I challenge you to understand me
see the holiness in my intent
feel the purpose in my hand
taste yourself on my tongue

Must I vault out of my skin
execute an emotional broad jump
twist mid-air and turn sharply
to land behind your camera

Imprisoned behind your eyes
would I ponder a familiar stranger
mirroring desire but reflecting you
and discover you don't know me


The weight of you in my hand is rock solid,
like a pound of steel encased in soft flesh
that responds to every touch with
fluttery freedom

No silver spoon protects it and it's never
been through any window
but it is sucked in wonder and caged
gently with kisses

Don't get too lost now in what I say
just follow my words like salty breadcrumbs
to the altar where I stand before
the lord Priapus

Anointing him with a glistening bath
Hungry lips anticipate every drop
he salutes my touch as I await
his sacrament


You bring into my sanctuary
power, corruption,
slid easily onto blood-stained hands,
like a pair of gloves,
comfortably worn,
difficult to remove.

A tonne of righteousness
weighed and measured,
sits heavily on your unwilling heart,
a borrowed legacy from a lost father,
a mother who never knew.

Now I am your Shekinah,
carved, molded,
from a burden half-remembered,
like an ill-fitting she-demon,
comfortably worn,
difficult to remove.

Upon Finding Myself a Foreign Ejaculation in a Strange Womb

I study the cracks
In the network at my feet
Smiling, remembering,
Similar stones in London
That rang as we walked
Strangers in dank air

I resurrect that sound
When battling unbidden fears
Drying, conquering,
Salty etchings on wet cheeks
It gave me new life
I am no longer afraid


I am a sunbeam
I love/chase the moon
doom-kissed, the shadows fly
lights streak/I seek
mouse-in-the-moon meet
blackness at the edge of light


I am a moondream
of flycycles and stars
Mars rides between my thighs
I wait/mousebait/too late
accelerate the space gate
Darkness: defined, defied


cold, crunchy
translucently, slurpily, cubed, cracked
sucked and swallowed

A Minute in the Life of Gerry the Grasshopper

Ftt-twang, ker(plop), skitter-wiggle,
Ftt-twang, ker(plop), skitter-wiggle,
Sip, sllpp
Nuzzle, slip-slurp.

Ftt-twang, ker(plop), skitter-wiggle,
Ftt-twang, ker(plop), skitter-wiggle,
Munch, ccrr-unch,
Crackle, gulp.

Ftt-twang, ker(plop), skitter-wiggle,
Ftt-twang, ker(plop), skitter-wiggle...
Stomp, stomp,
Stomp. Splatt.